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Unveiling AI, New Products, and Product Development: A Recap of Get Connected London 2024 by Intuit QuickBooks

Discover the latest AI, new products, and product development at Get Connected London 2024, hosted by Intuit QuickBooks, for valuable insights and cutting-edge innovations.

I had the honour of attending the esteemed #GetConnected London 2024 event, meticulously organised by #IntuitQuickBooks . The primary objective of this event was to unveil new products, showcase innovative features, educate users, and foster meaningful dialogues aimed at enhancing user understanding and satisfaction. This purpose remained paramount throughout the entirety of Get Connected London 2024.


The event commenced with an inspiring opening address by the esteemed Nick Williams, followed by insightful sessions featuring renowned guest speakers and industry experts, including Aynsley, Lucy, Bev, Amanda, Zoe, as well as distinguished presenters from Intuit QuickBooks such as Fahim, Danny, Jonathan, Phil, Kendrick, Henry, Katie, AJ, and more. It provided a valuable platform for connecting with service providers within the Intuit QuickBooks ecosystem, thereby enriching the networking experience.


The atmosphere of excitement and innovation at Intuit QuickBooks' Get Connected London 2024 event left attendees inspired and well-informed about the future of accounting and bookkeeping. Taking place on February 27, 2024, the event stood as a testament to the company's dedication to harnessing technology to empower accounting professionals.


Let's delve into some of the trending discussions from the Get Connected London 2024 event.


Artificial Intelligence and Innovation

At the heart of the event was a deep dive into artificial intelligence (AI) and its profound impact on the industry. Intuit QuickBooks emphasised the pivotal role of AI in revolutionising the way accounting and bookkeeping are approached. Of particular note was the enthusiastic discussion led by Nick, shedding light on the transformative potential of AI. The anticipation for the impending arrival of Intuit Assist in the UK was palpable, with attendees eagerly awaiting its introduction to streamline and optimise their operations, ultimately saving valuable time.


New Product Offerings

Intuit QuickBooks made significant announcements regarding new product offerings, catering specifically to the needs of accountants and bookkeepers. The unveiling of QuickBooks Ledger marked a pivotal moment, as it promises to provide professionals with a robust tool for effectively managing their clients. It's important to note that QuickBooks Ledger is exclusively available for practice purposes, enriching the professional toolkit without direct access for clients.


The already available Practice Manager received resoundingly positive feedback, affirming its value in streamlining and enhancing operational efficiency. Furthermore, the launch of Bureau Payroll was unveiled as a game-changer, poised to elevate practices to new heights. The availability of demos ensures that professionals can explore the full potential of this dynamic addition to the QuickBooks suite.


Innovative Solutions

The introduction of Quickbooks Advanced Product stirred significant interest, capturing the essence of innovation and disruption within the industry. Notably, partner Accounting and bookkeeping practice firms are set to benefit from complimentary subscriptions to QuickBooks Advanced product, underscoring Intuit QuickBooks' commitment to empowering its partners with cutting-edge resources.


Furthermore, the Pro Tax offerings were a focal point, with the availability of FRS 105 annual accounts and CT600 filing already established. Additionally, the promise of comprehensive FRS 102 and income tax filing tools on the horizon serves as a testament to the continuous evolution and expansion of the QuickBooks ecosystem.


Intuit QuickBooks' Get Connected London 2023 event showcased a compelling vision for the future of accounting and bookkeeping, underpinned by the integration of advanced technologies and strategic product development. The event's revelations and discussions undoubtedly set the stage for a new era of innovation and excellence within the industry.


Highlights from Intuit Quickbooks at Get Connected London 2024

During the culminating session, I had the honour of joining a panel alongside moderator Mr. Nick Willaims, the product director of Intuit Quickbooks, and Mandy Bagot, Director of Virtual Finance at Mercer & Hole. Our discussion delved into pivotal topics that resonate within our industry.


Notable Moments

Reflecting on the day's significant moments, I emphasised a few key points when asked. It's worth noting that fellow attendees seemed to share a similar perspective on these moments.


Meeting Fellow Accountants

The highlight of my day revolved around the interaction with numerous Quickbooks accountants in London successfully managing their accounting firms. This diverse group comprised both seasoned and new-generation professionals. Engaging with individuals who embrace cloud technology, modern accounting tools, and available resources was truly enlightening.


Engaging with the Quickbooks Team

Another remarkable aspect was encountering the esteemed individuals representing Quickbooks, including yourself, Mr. Nick Willaims, and your colleagues. These interactions, made possible by the event, provided an invaluable opportunity for accountants to connect with the Quickbooks team.


Networking with Industry Experts

Additionally, the event facilitated interactions with a multitude of industry experts, luminaries, and thought leaders. Their presence offered a unique chance to glean insights and learn from their successful practices. The lineup of speakers and the fact that the event was entirely cost-free further enriched the experience.


Social Media Deep Dive

A particular highlight was the engaging session on "Understanding The Algorithm" led by AJ Brinnand, the Social Media and Influencer Manager. This deep dive into social media dynamics provided invaluable insights.


Suggestions for Future Events

When asked for my input regarding the event, I considered what could be enhanced for the next occasion. After careful consideration, I have identified several areas for potential improvement, which are outlined below. I believe you may find these suggestions align with your own observations.


Personalised Event Posters for all Attendees

I'm incredibly passionate about Quickbooks, and I envision personalised posters showcasing each registered attendee alongside the caption "I am joining Get Connected London 2024, See you there." This thoughtful initiative will deepen our relationship with the esteemed brand, Intuit Quickbooks, while also motivating attendees to share their posters on social media, thereby amplifying the event's reach across various platforms. Implementing this idea will undoubtedly bolster awareness and excitement around our upcoming event."


Introducing "For the Hero Behind the Heroes" Photo Corners 

Experience Quickbooks exclusive photo corners designed around the captivating theme of "For the Hero Behind the Heroes," tailored for capturing unforgettable moments at events. As part of Quickbooks new campaign, QuickBooks is fervently promoting this exciting addition across various platforms. The absence of this photo corner at the event was truly disappointing. The enthusiasm for this new theme is palpable, especially among accountants and bookkeepers who embrace their role as the unsung heroes. They eagerly capture moments at these photo corners, proudly sharing their experiences on social media. Personally, I share the sentiment and would have loved to partake in this trend, sharing it across my own social channels. Here's to hoping that these photo corners become a staple at every Get Connected event!


Sample Social Media Calendar

In the spirit of AJ's giveaway, a sample social media calendar tailored for accountants and bookkeepers would make a delightful addition to our upcoming events. One particular highlight was the engaging session titled "Understanding The Algorithm," led by AJ Brinnand, our esteemed Social Media and Influencer Manager. This deep dive into social media dynamics provided invaluable insights that can greatly benefit our community.


Given the talent within our team, Quickbooks is passionate about supporting accountants and bookkeepers with their marketing efforts. With this in mind, Quickbooks can craft a sample social media calendar specifically designed for the needs of accountants and bookkeepers. This calendar will be easily editable and customizable to suit our individual requirements.


I highly recommend that the Quickbooks team takes the lead in developing this sample social media calendar and sharing it with our community. It's a valuable resource that can enhance our social media strategy and provide immense value to our audience.


Key Takeaways

Regarding the key takeaways from the event, I identified several points when asked. I'll share them below for your reference. I'd also love to hear about your key takeaways from the event.


Motivational Encounters

Meeting successful accounting firm owners served as a powerful source of motivation, reinforcing our collective drive to excel in our industry.


Commitment to Excellence

The promise of delivering the world's finest cloud-based accounting software, coupled with the exceptional service delivery and dedicated account management, instilled a profound sense of motivation and hope.


In essence, my takeaways from the event can be likened to a basket brimming with hope, promises, and renewed motivation. The experience has left an indelible mark, fueling our steadfast commitment to excellence and innovation within the realm of accounting.


The event saw enthusiastic participation from QuickBooks accountants who were already utilising Intuit QuickBooks products. Their eagerness to share firsthand experiences on official channels and across various social media platforms truly underscored the impact of the event. One of the highlights was the opportunity to explore partner software such as Apron, Dext, GoCardless, Movemybooks, PayPal, and Xama, all of which significantly contribute to fostering a robust ecosystem. Intuit QuickBooks' strategic approach of honing core skills while collaborating with key providers undoubtedly yields the best outcomes for clients.


Moreover, Get Connected London 2024 offered a unique opportunity to engage with a select group of colleagues from Intuit QuickBooks, including Karen, Michael, J.B., Jordan, Caroline, Bee, Rupinder, Harold, Grace, John, Kate, Thomas, Matt, Sara, Harry, Bethan, and the entire team. The networking possibilities were boundless, fostering an environment conducive to exchanging insights, sharing experiences, and learning from the industry's best.


In addition to connecting with the QuickBooks team, the event facilitated interactions with other industry professionals, resulting in a melting pot of knowledge, expert advice, and invaluable networking opportunities. Get Connected London 2024 truly encapsulated the essence of collaboration, innovation, and knowledge exchange, cementing its position as a paramount event for all involved.

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